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Speculating vs investing?

There are many ways to make money from property. How you go about it will depend on whether you are a speculator or an investor.

The difference is usually in the timing.

I’m not talking about timing of the market where you buy at the bottom and sell at the top, (as if you can ever accurately pick those times anyway). No, I’m talking about you … Read more »

Tax Benefits for SMSF Lending

There are a number of advantages to holding property inside an SMSF, as opposed to owning it in your own name.

1. Concessional tax on rental income
Where you hold an investment property in your own name, tax will broadly be payable based on your personal rate of tax, which could be as high as 46.5%. Similarly, if you were to hold an investment property through a company, the tax rate is … Read more »

Looking to invest? What can you afford?

It seems that as credit is becoming more widely used and social pressure is increasing, the definition of “afford” is shifting at an exponential and potentially dangerous rate. Using households as an example, Corelogic states that from September 2016, the percentage of family income required for a 20% deposit is 125.3%. This statistic alone would cause you to scratch your head, but the chances are that you or … Read more »

No ban on SMSF property borrowing just yet

According to the Assistant Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, there will be no ban on Managed Super Fund (SMSF) property borrowing. However, it is likely that there will be tougher regulations implemented instead – iBuyNew reports.

During the Tax Institute annual superannuation conference in Sydney on Friday, Mr Frydenberg said that the Abbott government is not planning to ban limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) through SMSFs to purchase property.

In December 2014, David Murray released his report, … Read more »

APRA crackdown of no consequence to savvy property investors

While the market reacts to the banks’ decision to tighten lending restrictions to investors, Aviate Group Managing Director Neil Smoli has emphasised that for smart investors – those who prioritise their own security – the property investment landscape has not changed.

“Today’s decision by AMP Bank to cease writing new loans to property investors and to raise interest rates for existing investment loans, following the announcement of tighter lending criteria … Read more »