Is it time to invest in Brisbane?

Sometimes, the right time to invest is when others are telling you not to. According to investment guru Warren Buffet, counter cyclical investing can be the cornerstone of successful investments. Often times, the greatest return on your investment comes after a stock has reached bottom and is starting its ascent.  The same is true for real estate investments. The time to invest your money is when a town that was previously written off for investment purposes turns the tide and begins to soar.

In Brisbane, that time is now. Once known as a mining town, Brisbane has recently started to be called the next ‘Global City’, with a global outlook, and incredible industry strengths. The real estate market in Brisbane is going to boom in the coming months due to the influx of international students, world travelers, and up and coming locals.

Why practice counter cyclical investing in Brisbane?

  • Infrastructure: Brisbane is currently undergoing over $13 billion dollars in infrastructure projects.  These projects are going to create an entirely new tourist market as well as a boom in the economy. New office buildings and entertainment complexes are already underway. These projects are going to bring real estate buyers and renters to Brisbane like never before. 
  • Economic Climate: Dun and Bradstreet have labeled Australia as one of the safest places to invest right now. Within that investment opportunity lies Brisbane – the next cultural mecca of Australia. This confidence is born from Brisbane’s stable political environment, its prediction for population and economic growth, and an obvious commitment to building a stronger economy.
  • Geography: Brisbane is in the ideal global spot right now. It is situated as the gateway to Asia with a 24-hour business cycle. For firms and companies in the technology industry, this is critical.  Companies located in Brisbane will be able to connect with a global economy, from Asia to the United States and Europe.

The bottom line is that it makes sense to follow the younger generation. With all of the educational and business opportunities being created in Brisbane, we are already seeing an influx of young, hungry professionals moving to Brisbane and calling it home. This is the next generation of home buyers and renters. You want to make sure you have your investment feet firmly planted in Brisbane before it’s too late to take advantage of this influx of spenders. 

Many fear that it is too early to invest their money in a location such as Brisbane, but Warren Buffet disagrees. He has stated, “We attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” This counter cyclical investment philosophy has made him a billionaire. He has spent decades studying growing markets and booming economies. Warren Buffet understand that if you identify an area such as Brisbane, with its industrial restructuring and population growth, early on, you can capitalise on a huge return on your investment. Likewise, if you wait too long, the opportunity will either pass you by or come at a much greater cost.

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