House and Land

If you are able to afford the higher cost of a house, you can take advantage of the capital growth potential of the land on which it’s built.

You also have more control and flexibility over the property, enabling you to add value through renovations, sub-division, or additions such as granny flats (subject to council approval).

Due to the higher initial costs of buying a house, you may need to compromise on location and buy further away from the city centre, public transport or lifestyle amenities, which could impact the property’s appeal to prospective tenants.

You are also responsible for any repairs and maintenance, so you’ll need to factor this into your budget, particularly if you are buying an older property. In addition, you generally pay higher council rates than apartment and townhouse owners.

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Whether you are looking for a high rental yield or maximum capital growth – we can achieve both in some of Australia’s most desirable locations. All of our properties are exclusive off-market investment opportunities that have been evaluated by our team. To learn more, speak to one of our trusted property investment advisers today.

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