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At CPS Property we treat property like a financial product with its own inherent risk & return relationship and pride ourselves on consistently achieving above market returns for our clients. The question is – can you afford not to use CPS Property as your rental agent?

More than just your average agent

We manage properties all over Sydney – and every property receives the very best attention and service from our property investment managers. All of our property investment clients deserve and receive this level of care.
What sets us apart is our background. With strong experience in the accounting and financial planning industries, we are much more than just property managers. Every action we take for you is based on a key philosophy: property is like a financial product with a risk:return relationship. Our role is finding the balance between maximising returns and retaining satisfied tenants over the long term.

  • To maximise returns we aim to achieve above market rents initially whilst conducting regular rent reviews and are always looking to achieve a zero vacancy over time.

  • We manage risk via stringent tenant selection, conducting periodic inspections and ensuring every client has landlords insurance in place.

Put simply, you cannot afford to use property managers that lack the experience and professionalism we offer.

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