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Does walkability affect house prices?

Does walkability affect house prices?

Proximity to transport, infrastructure and leisurely amenities should be a key consideration when purchasing a home or an investment property. Tenants look for convenience when applying for a home, which is why investors should pay particular attention to the walkability score of a potential purchase. But what is the true … Read More

Why you should invest in the inner suburbs

Bondi Apartment

The fact is that not all land is created equal.

Some suburbs will be more popular than others. Some precincts will be more popular than others due to range of lifestyle and living benefits.

Overall for strong, stable long-term growth that outperforms the averages the inner and middle ring suburbs of our … Read More

How does Surry Hills shape up for investment?

Surry Hills is one of Sydney’s most artistically vibrant neighbourhoods, with historic architecture and a creative centre where design, music, wine, food and fashion come together in the most cohesive manner. With its beautiful and buzzing central location, Surry Hills is home to many professionals and creatives, and full of … Read More