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Blue Sky Student Accommodation

Are you looking for an affordable investment opportunity? Whether you’re looking to expand your portfolio, or enter into the property market, we have an exciting and exclusive opportunity through renowned property developers, Blue Sky.

Investing in purpose built student accommodation allows you as an investor the … Read More

The truth about the value of your property over time

Amongst the perpetual property commentary within Australia, there is a lot of talk about the way property values double every seven to 10 years. But how true is this statement? It is true that the value of property in Australia does perform well compared to that of our fellow neighbours, … Read More

The buy-and-hold strategy explained

The buy-and-hold property investment strategy is the most commonly used among Australian investors due to its simplicity, passive nature and reduced risk compared to other strategies.

Adam Grocke at Smart Property Investment explains the investment strategy.

A buy-and-hold property investment strategy requires less investment knowledge, less risk and less deposit, making it a … Read More

Sydney leads charge in value growth

Sydney has again led the charge in growth in Australian home values, recording a growth rate of 1.1% for the month of August. The city was well above the national average rise in dwelling values of 0.3%.

Just two other cities – Adelaide (0.7%) and Darwin (0.3%) – recorded growth in home … Read More