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Does walkability affect house prices?

Proximity to transport, infrastructure and leisurely amenities should be a key consideration when purchasing a home or an investment property. Tenants look for convenience when applying for a home, which is why investors should pay particular attention to the walkability score of a potential purchase. But what is the true value of a high walkability score? Can it truly affect housing prices? As an investor, it would be common to … Read more »

Sunshine Coast Update: New infrastructure affects property investment

The Sunshine Coast is undergoing a massive infrastructure overhaul as the city continues to grow, with population forecasts predicting a 13.7 percent increase over the next five years. Aside from its sheer beauty, stunning beaches, and comfortable climate, the Sunshine Coast is a booming city making big strides to becoming an important infrastructure hub in Queensland.

Some of the city’s biggest infrastructure projects include the following:

Sunshine Coast Airport. The airport … Read more »

Australia’s Ongoing Property Crash Speculation

The past two years have seen much speculation around the potential for a property crash in Australia. With record prices, high clearance rates and low interest rates, commentary about the potential bust of a property bubble has been sparking debate and varying opinions amongst key commentators and the media. The best way to understand the property market and if there is a property crash looming is to study the framework … Read more »

Five key tips to manage a rent reduction

Over the past three to six months, the Sydney rental market has seen a shift in behaviour that we haven’t seen in some time. This shift could have implications for investors and it’s becoming increasingly important to understand the details behind this movement. In short, the Sydney rental market has plateaued, and we expect this trend of low or reduced rental growth will be the next phase in the property … Read more »

Changes to Strata Legislation in NSW effective November 2016

We can now confirm the reforms to the Strata Title Legislation for New South Wales has officially been passed by the government and will commence from 30 November 2016.

There are over 90 changes to the legislation which will affect landlords and tenants. Some of these changes are as follows:-
Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

Tenants will now be entitled to attend the AGM of the Owners Corporation and Notices of Annual General … Read more »

Brexit: What does it mean for the Australian property market?

It’s been a global topic for months, and although the outcome of Britain’s infamous decision to leave the EU might seem like old news, the repercussions of Brexit are set to stick around. We may be geographically distanced from our Pommy mates, however there’s no denying that England still has a significant impact on our country. Brexit has already affected global financial markets and caused tension in the UK and … Read more »