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Important questions to ask your property manager

A good property manager should be able to provide you with insight, support and advice on your investment property portfolio. Having a sound understanding of the property market will help ensure your investment is performing at the best of it’s ability, for both the short and long term. … Read More

Five Tips for Buyers in 2016

Purchasing a property takes time, patience and persistence. There is a wealth of knowledge and resources available to ensure that you make the right decision for your future, however, it can be an overwhelming process. Whether you are considering purchasing your first property, or looking to expand your … Read More

5 features to look for in a variable loan

Whether you’re a first home buyer or a seasoned property investor, it’s important to choose the right loan for your needs.

When choosing a variable-rate loan, remember that the right loan will offer a combination of flexibility and convenience as well as competitive rates and fees. Of course, everyone has different … Read More

Why property owners should use an offset account

When investing in property there are various different loan types that you can come across including fixed term loans, variable-rate loans as well as being able to use an offset account. An offset account has the potential to save you thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars during your … Read More