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5 property commandments for investors to live by

Although there are various strategies which can be implemented to build a property portfolio, there are some factors which are a must. Maximising tax benefits, being wise with purchasing decisions, and choosing a property that is a strong strategic move, will pay dividends in the long-term. We’ve narrowed … Read More

Important questions to ask your property manager

A good property manager should be able to provide you with insight, support and advice on your investment property portfolio. Having a sound understanding of the property market will help ensure your investment is performing at the best of it’s ability, for both the short and long term. … Read More

Why the Australian economy will stay strong in 2016

House and Land image

In the wake of the Chinese stock market falling, American interest rates rising, and the Australian dollar falling, some commentators have predicted weak property performance for 2016. Commentary about facing a recession or similar economic circumstances to the global financial crisis are running hot.

However, as … Read More

How to build a multi property portfolio

72 per cent of investors only own one property in Australia. This represents a lost opportunity considering the best way to unlock the financial benefits of investing in property is to own multiple assets. The key to building a strong portfolio is tapping into your equity, which can … Read More

6 tips to maximise your rental return

To keep a grounded view of the market and ensure you don’t lose quality tenants, consider following some simple steps to maximise your rental returns.

One step is to regularly review your rents and ensure they are at market levels, while giving tenants ample prior notice of rental increases. This will … Read More

Guide to buying a home or investment property

Buying a home or investment property is not something that people do every day, unless of course you are a buyers’ agent! There are many steps that need careful consideration and lots of time to get the best result. This checklist provides a snapshot of the key steps required in … Read More