Sydney’s next boom pocket

Gentrification is the process of improving an area to conform or be in line with middle-class taste. Traditionally occurring in low socioeconomic neighbourhoods, gentrification changes the face and landscape of suburbs from tired, worn and uninspiring to the modern market’s needs and wants.

Beneficial for buyers and investors, gentrified neighbourhoods offer affordability and a strong potential for significant capital growth. Redfern, Paddington and Woolloomooloo are great examples of areas which have undergone substantial facelifts in recent decades – each with a booming property market. chief executive Thomas Clement has recognised significant shifts in Sydney’s up-and-coming suburbs, saying “As areas become gentrified, rental prices tend to go up considerably. Mr Clement identified more interest in the inner east, just north of the airport, concluding that “beach suburbs… have seen an increase in those looking for a new place,” he said. (Source:, 2016)

We’ve exclusively identified Sydney’s next boom suburb as the strongest investment opportunity of 2017 due to the following 8 reasons:

  1. Lifestyle amenities, including shopping, restaurants and education facilities
  2. Affordability for buyers and renters
  3. Significant reduction in social housing
  4. New transport infrastructure, including the Light Rail and Metro line
  5. New neighbourhood developments
  6. Tight supply with vacancy rates sitting at three per cent for over a decade
  7. Local household income increases
  8. Central location for future population and jobs growth

So, where is this much anticipated suburb?

Maroubra is a desirable location for buyers wanting to have it all – proximity to coast, location close to CBD, perfect for families or SINKS and DINKs, as well a full suite of leisurely amenities. We believe it is a wonderful opportunity for buyers and investors looking to increase their capital wealth.

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