It’s Time to Consider Brisbane

Brisbane in SEQ is becoming one of the hottest real estate markets in Australia.  The booming economy and up and coming nightlife make it ideal for investment.  The coming years are going to see the demand for Brisbane real estate sky-rocket but you don’t want to wait too late.  Once the market is saturated, this demand is going to be fulfilled and there is only so much new construction to go around.  Make your stake in the Brisbane market now – get in on the ground floor and you will be happy later.

Brisbane is becoming a New World city and is quickly turning into a key market for business, investment and development.  Before long, Brisbane is going to rival even Melbourne and Sydney for the prime location in beautiful Australia.

Why is Brisbane making a name for itself as the land of prime time real estate?

Brisbane is one of a select group of locations that can boast of all the things investors are looking for. 

Brisbane is mid-sized.  It’s not as large a metropolis as New York or London, but it also not small and unremarkable.  It is affordable – something many up and coming cities cannot say. 

The educational system in Brisbane is quality which is good news for so many international travelers who have decided to make Australia home. 

Unlike many of the large cities of Australia and across the world, Brisbane is not congested and does not suffer from pollution like so many industrial leaders across the globe. 

Most importantly, especially for growing and expanding families, Brisbane is safe and secure.  When considering where to move, whether it is for work or retirement, people want to go somewhere that is safe.  In this uncertain world, it is possibly the most important consideration when choosing a new home. 

Why invest in Brisbane?

Not only is it a city on the move, but Brisbane is also becoming a very economically strong city.  It is estimated that Brisbane will see an economic growth of 250 BILLION dollars within the next 15-20 years.  Now is the time to make a move and invest in Australia’s city of the future.

Once known for its mining industry, Brisbane is fast becoming a very business-oriented city.  Almost 40% of Brisbane’s economy is being boosted by business services, construction and wholesale and retail trade.  These economy sectors are going to lead to high returns on investments.

Why now?

Aside from its obvious business growth, Brisbane is looking at employment opportunities not evident in other cities across the world and in Australia.  Brisbane is expecting a proposed 30% growth in employment by 2031.  This is one of the key indicators people look at when choosing a new home for their family. 

With the influx of international students coming to Australia, you have to consider where these students will settle once they graduate.  Whose market are they going to contribute to?   Where is the demand for real estate going to rise?  Well, the answer is Brisbane.  With all of the expected growth and opportunity, Brisbane is going to become home to a whole new generation of Aussies.  People who are going to need to rent and purchase real estate.  Now is the time to invest in Brisbane.  Invest now and reap the rewards tomorrow.


Brisbane World City