How to prepare your property for sale

Preparing your property for sale can be a daunting project. It can be a lot of work to ensure your property is at its best. However keeping the process as simple as possible can reduce the stresses of selling. Here is our guide for getting your property ready for sale.

Get to know your buyers

Do some research to find out what type of buyer is investing in the area. This way you can tailor the property to suit your target buyer. For example, depending on who your target buyer is, you could set up a second bedroom to be a study or a child’s bedroom.

Add value without renovating

Unless you’re a skilled renovator and have the finances to support a complete property makeover, renovation doesn’t need to be your first option for adding value to your property. There are many DIY tasks that can create vast improvement to your property and as a result add value to your appraisal. For example, a paint job can go a long way. Make sure you keep the colour neutral, as bright walls and patterned wallpaper can deter some buyers. Adjusting light fixtures is another quick and inexpensive job that can have a lot of impact. Dim lights can make your property look dark and dull, so ensure that your lights are bright and highlighting the best bits of your property.

Know what you’re worth

Getting appraisal is the most important step to understanding what your property is worth. A property appraiser can perform an official appraisal on your property and can give you an estimate of what your property will sell for. It’s also helpful to investigate properties in the area which have been sold in the past year. Examine houses which are similar in size and have similar features to your property. This should give you a better understanding of what your property is worth.

Promote the area, not just the property

The property itself is just one component to a buyer’s decision to invest. When putting your property on the market it’s important to highlight the reasons why the area is a great place to live. Incorporate your knowledge of your target buyer within this promotion. If your target buyers are young families, mention in your home promotion the schools and parks that are close to the property.

Speak to an advisor

Lastly and most importantly, speak to a property advisor. A professional property advisor can help you understand risks and can help you formulate a personalised plan for selling your property.

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