How the recent Census data will effect QLD Property Owners

Compared to neighbor states such as Melbourne and Sydney, Queensland is a viable option for buyers, with the median house price from March 2017 being $544,000 for a property that is in the metropolitan area within 20km of the city, it seems to pose an attractive deal.

Brisbane being known as the financially friendlier option compared to Sydney, is set to become the futuristic centre for Australia – with millions being invested into infrstucture for both transport and tourism. This growth hotspot map indicates the bredth of the property market growth in the region, a far cry from the city less than a decade ago.


First Home Buyers incentives

Much like other states, Census data has indicated that the Queensland government has given leeway to first home buyers. First Home Owner Grants for $20,000 are eligible for properties valued at less than $750,000, which is highly realistic due to the median house price mentioned above.

There is an unprecedented amount of infrastructure projects currently underway in Brisbane. Amongst these include Queen’s Wharf, Howard Smith Wharves and the Brisbane Airport duplication.

Brisbane-based property developer and media entrepreneur Adam Di Marco says it’s time to “invest for your children and grandchildren”. “You need to look at the scale of infrastructure projects currently underway and think about how these will impact the city and your investment.”