Population & Demographics

Demand for rental dwellings within the suburb is particularly strong with 56% of all dwellings1 occupied by renters. This tenure profile is significantly higher than that recorded throughout Queensland at the time of the 2011 Census of 34%.


Apartment living in the suburb is well supported, accounting for almost half (49%) of all dwellings within Greenslopes, which is 37% higher than that recorded throughout Queensland.


The suburb’s resident population is typically affluent and well educated, with almost half (44%) working in professional or managerial occupations. The median weekly personal income of resident’s in the area is 27% (or $180) per week higher than the State’s.


The primary implication of this is that dwelling demand in the area is typically stemming from younger, affluent professionals looking to occupy one and two bedroom apartment types.


At the time of undertaking this research, the suburb’s rental market was recording a high gross rental yield of 5.5%. Demand for rental dwellings appears to be outstripping supply with a prevailing vacancy rate of 2.8%.


1ABS – excluding other tenure / tenure not stated