Brisbane Market

Brisbane is one of the world’s largest municipalities by area. It is home to 2.15 million people and has a job market that is growing at more than twice the rate of population growth.


Over the past decade, the city has sustained the fastest employment growth of all Australian capital cities. It is anticipated that over the next two decades Brisbane will be regarded as a top ten lifestyle city and global economic hub.

  • Brisbane is forecast to grow faster than any other mature world city.
  • Over the past decade Brisbane has witnessed the delivery of a significant level of infrastructure which is widely recognised as being the most innovative and effective infrastructure programs in the nation.
  • The release of the Queensland Infrastructure Plan and Program 2011-2031 identifies $134 billion worth of infrastructure investment for Brisbane and its surrounding region.The program represents the largest public infrastructure spending initiative in Australian history.
  • The redevelopment of Brisbane’s Central Business District will be the most significant privately and publicly funded redevelopment in the CBD’s history. (Super scale CBD redevelopment).
  • Moving forward Brisbane is projected to experience the highest rates of population growth when compared with the eastern states of New South Wales and Victoria and their respective capital cities.
  • By 2031 Brisbane there is a forecast requirement for 400,000 new dwellings to house the City’s rapidly growing population.
  • Queensland’s average infrastructure spend over the past ten years is 75% higher than the average of other states and territories combined.
  • Queensland currently ranks as one of the most undersupplied dwelling markets in the country.
  • Brisbane’s apartment market has demonstrated itself to be one of the most resilient markets in the nation.
  • The latest data shows that as at December quarter 2013, Brisbane ranked as the third most affordable apartment market in Australia.
  • According to the latest data provided by the Real Estate Institute of Australia, Brisbane’s average annual return over the past ten years has outperformed returns achieved in both Sydney and Melbourne.*
  • $135 billion economy. $213 billion by 2031.

*Resolution Research