A City on the Rise – The Infrastructure Boom in QLD

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With over 18 BILLION dollars in infrastructure scheduled to be completed in the next 10 years, Brisbane is moving away from its reputation as a mining area.    

Major Infrastructure Projects in Brisbane

There are several major infrastructure projects underway or scheduled to begin in Queensland’s Brisbane area.  Here is a look at a few of them. 

  • Queen’s Wharf:

Designed to attract new visitors and investments, Queen’s Wharf is intended to reconnect major parts of Brisbane.  Linking the activities of such places as the Botanical Gardens and the Cultural Precinct, Queens Wharf is going to include exciting features such as:

    • 5 new hotels, including the legendary Ritz Carlton
    • 50 food and beverage offerings
    • A moonlight movie theatre right on the waterfront
    • Queensland Hotel and Hospitality School

Queen’s Wharf is going to bring an infusion of new construction, new jobs and new tourists to Brisbane.  This boost to the economy is just part of the reason Brisbane is on the rise.

  • Brisbane Quarter:

Located at 300 George Street in downtown Brisbane, Brisbane Quarter is going to be an integrated mixed-use precinct.  Hosting Brisbane River views, the Quarter will include a luxurious W Hotel, a 40 story office tower, and an 82 story luxury apartment building. 

The retail portion of the Quarter is expected to bring both international business and travellers to the area infusing the economy with a boost unknown in prior decades.  Brisbane Quarter will play a large part in Brisbane’s becoming a New World City in Australia.

  • Brisbane Live:

Brisbane is about to have its own version of New York’s Madison Square Garden with the development of Brisbane Live.  A 17,000-seat arena, Brisbane Live is going to host international mega-star concerts, sporting events and performances.   Brisbane Live is going to make the city truly a metropolitan. 

Tourists and locals alike will enjoy the best entertainment has to offer at a world-class arena the likes of which they have never seen.  The revenue generated not only by the arena itself but also from concessions and income in the surrounding area will surely boost the ever-growing economy.

These infrastructure projects are generational and will change the face and economy of Brisbane in a major way.  This infrastructure is going to bring together both the public and the private sectors in a unique partnership.  Brisbane’s myriad of transportation, energy, health and education infrastructure projects offer a wealth of opportunity. 

It is time for investors to tap into this critical sector of Brisbane’s growing economy.

These infrastructure projects show the local government’s dedication to improving the economy and quality of life in Brisbane.  It is definitely a time ripe for investment. 


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