6 tips to prepare for an open inspection

So you’ve found a quality real estate agent for your property and have started gaining interest from people, now the question comes down to whether you can leave a good taste in their mouth or not as they come to your open house. Many individuals and agents will encourage you to talk to a stylist who can glamorise your home, but if your mind is made up on doing it yourself, you better make sure you do it right.


Like your mother and many other sources have told you, cleaning is an absolute necessity. Imagine a hypothetical camera that has two focus settings, one is clear, and one is blurry and hard to look at, it is the same camera, just with a different perspective. This is the same when it comes to cleaning your home, you want your potential prospects to see the best side of your house, and the most important step to ensuring this is to make it spick and span.

Electronics and utilities are turned on

The current year is 2017; you don’t want potential buyers loving your house then having second thoughts just because some gadgets didn’t work and it reminds them of the stone age. Although this may seem trivial, it can be crucial for first impressions. Prospects need to see themselves living in your home, so it is only natural for you to create an environment that would induce these kinds of thoughts.

Natural Light

Maximize every window your house has by leaving the curtains open for the sun to shine through; this applies to any other see-through material you have. For the most part, the general population enjoys vibrant and radiant sunlight rather than a cold dark home.

Comfortable temperature

Ensure you leave the air conditioner on at a level that is comfortable, and not to any extremes.

This tip applies whether it is very hot or freezing outside, ideally, your prospects will be looking around for a while.

If for example, they came in from hot weather, initially a cold temperature would feel nice, though eventually, it would ultimately become irritating. Keep it simple and optimize your house at a cool to warm temperature to accustom a medium to long visit.

Attractive scent

Although applying a particular smell or fragrance is perhaps one of the riskiest things you can do when impressing prospects due to the different opinions, it also has one of the biggest payoffs.

Certain smells and scents can fire people’s pleasure centers of, and when someone associates that particular fragrance with your house, you can guarantee the likelihood of them buying it just skyrocketed.

Give the prospect space

Although it’s tempting, you need to stay clear of the premises for a few hours while people inspect. The worst thing you can do to a prospect is conspicuously observe them and come across needy, put yourself in their shoes and you will realize why.

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