5 practical ways to boost rental yield

Property in South Sydney

With rental property being a massive source of income for many individuals in Australia, the question of how to boost its income yield remains integral.

Fortunately for you, this article will outline some of the top methods of increasing your rental yield so that you don’t go missing out on the potential earnings that countless of other property owners do.


It is common knowledge that the more stylish and well managed a property is, the more it will rent for. Unfortunately, many landlords make the mistake of seeing a property as it is rather than what it could be and be worth.

Although it may not be needed or even worth the investment, sometimes it can pay to offer your investment property as already furnished. This will appeal to those tenants who need to move somewhere quickly, and will also mean you can charge a little more rent than if it were just the empty property.

Spare bedroom

This applies mainly for a property that has a garage or spare space that could be much better utilised as a new bedroom or study. Transforming a space to a new room could yield an enormous increase on your rental yield, especially considering the minimal work that is required seeing as it’s just a redressing.


Depending on the tenant and location, adding a spare off-street parking spot can be the deciding factor for someone contemplating rent. If your ideal renter is travelling around a lot and not using public transport, this add on should be heavily considered.

Adding off-street parking is not separate from the property, this means that your total property value will rise as a result of this added luxury.

Pro pets

Inspect the location where your property is, is it a pet safe area? Or more business orientated? What type of tenants will be interested in your property? If the answers point towards a pro pet demographic, then you ideally want to allow it. This may or may not apply to you, but if it does, you should know that you are disregarding much of your target market if you disallow pets.


This applies if you have not already yet purchased your property to rent out, or are looking to relocate. There can be much said about location that you will find in just about any real estate manual or guide, but if there is one niche to target in relation to it, students would be it.

Choosing an area close to where students study will in itself give you a lot of potential tenants, and it also means you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the touch ups that normal tenants would require.

Applying even one or two of these tips will certainly increase your property rental yield. Although they are all practical, ensure you study the circumstance in regards to the tenants, location and so on before making any decisions.

More than anything, conduct in-depth research on each of the 5 ways before taking action, remember this article acts as a general guide on the methods rather than a step by step on executing them. Contact us today to discuss this further.