Case Study : Off Market Transaction

Primary service : Property Investment

When Andrew and Natika Hookings found their dream home, they had to act fast. To finance the purchase, they needed to sell their existing real estate investment at the highest possible price – and with the lowest costs – as quickly as possible.

CPS drew upon its intimate knowledge of the property, having managed it for five years, to secure a strong sale within a phenomenal three days of listing it.


With other potential buyers circling their dream home, the Hookings knew that they’d be up for a fight – and a fast one.
“We wanted to keep our real estate investment in Alexandria, but to buy our dream home we needed every cent for the deposit. So we decided to sell our investment property – and sell it quickly,” said Andrew.
“Regular real estate agents were demanding a minimum four-week advertising campaign before the auction, plus a large commission. We just couldn’t afford to wait four weeks – our dream home could be gone.”
The Hookings engaged CPS, who already managed their real estate investment, to sell the property.


CPS specialises in the sale of real estate investment properties. “We contacted our database of over 1,000 property investors and had several people who were interested in purchasing the property,” said Shaun Ellis, Manager – Property Services.
“We knew the property inside out, having managed it for more than five years. This gave us the confidence to recommend it to our existing clients, accountants and financial planning partners. Thanks to our vast network,the deal was done in three days!”
This rapid turnaround meant that Andrew and Natika could secure their dream home.


The sale of the Hookings’ real estate investment was a win-win – for the Hookings, and for the purchasing client, Henry Lynch.
By using CPS as their selling agent, the Hookings saved between $5,000 and $7,000 in marketing costs; and enjoyed discounted selling costs because they were already CPS clients. They were able to close the deal on their real estate investment, and open the door to their dream home in a matter of weeks.
As for Henry, he secured a great property with a known history in a fantastic park-side location – and enjoyed a quick 26-day settlement and smooth rental transition. He said: “This was the easiest property purchase I have ever made!”