Our Culture

Our team is passionately committed to giving the most timely, accurate and financially rewarding property investment advice – to help you realise your financial and life goals.

Quality property investment advice

We have been investing in property for more than 10 years, and understand how important qualified, quality property investment advice can be.

For example, do you want to know how Surry Hills shapes up for investment? Fact or fiction: all investment properties double in value in seven years? And just how important is property management in generating maximum returns? Which is best: old or new property? How important is my finance structure in achieving my investment objectives?The CPS Property culture is built upon our experience in the property market, as much as our qualifications. No-one is in a better position to answer these questions for you.

We know the ins and outs of what can be a very tricky investment product /market to navigate. With our hands-on experience and property investment advice, we will guide you successfully on your property investment journey.


You’ve bought your investment property. But what happens next?

We are asset management specialists’, fulfilling our promise to you by helping you extract maximum value from your investment property. This goes beyond simple property management. We are your trusted advisers, taking property management to the next level by providing value-add services.

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If you are looking for property professionals with real integrity, contact CPS Property today on info@cpsproperty.com.au or 1300 YES CPS (937 277).