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Rentvesting: a growing trend for real estate owners

Like millions of Australians, Emilia Rossi is a tenant.

But unlike most of those tenants, Ms Rossi also owns four investment properties across three states.

She is among a growing breed of real estate investors who chose not to own their own home. Known as “rentvesting”, the strategy sees people using investment property growth to build a deposit, or they rent a property that fits their … Read more »

Savvy investors shun Sydney and Melbourne, and look to Adelaide

Australia’s housing affordability crisis is forcing young people to take extraordinary steps – whether it’s a home a long way from the city or a tiny spot in a block of flats.

Sydney IT accounts manager Rob Cooper is one homebuyer who’s looked outside the square. He rents in Woolloomooloo but can’t afford to buy there, so he’s purchased a rental property in a trendy city suburb … Read more »

Who is the Australian property market’s typical investor?

Contrary to the image a property investor might conjure up – a wealthy full-time property speculator –  most residential investors in Australia don’t actually rely on it as their primary source of income.

In reality, Australia’s residential investment market is dominated by people who, having bought their own home, have moved onto buying an investment property. These small-scale investors own 83 per cent of all investment properties…. Read more »

How the recent Census data will effect VIC Property Owners

Census Data has indicated that the property market in Victoria over the last decade is not at its best for affordability, especially for first home buyers. Despite the decade of price rises, recently over the past year, the median prices of houses in Victoria have lowered by 7.4 percent and unit prices by 3.2 per cent from December 2016 to March 2017. Although small, this does create some … Read more »

How the recent Census data will effect NSW Property Owners

The First Home Owner Grant Scheme was first developed in July 2000, with the intention to offset the impact of the introduction of the GST and therefore assist first home owners to secure and purchase a new or existing home. With the recent census data coming to light, we can now identify that first home buyers are typically aged between 25-34 years old, and enjoy higher density living. … Read more »

How the recent Census data will effect QLD Property Owners

Compared to neighbor states such as Melbourne and Sydney, Queensland is a viable option for buyers, with the median house price from March 2017 being $544,000 for a property that is in the metropolitan area within 20km of the city, it seems to pose an attractive deal.

Brisbane being known as the financially friendlier option compared to Sydney, is set to become the futuristic centre for Australia … Read more »