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Migrating capital? Should I move my money to a better performing market?

What happens when a real estate market stops performing? Do you leave the money there to stagnate, or do you move it to a better market? Money Migration – what is it?

In 2003, the Perth market was booming. Properties were selling for as little as $200,000. Within just three years, property values doubled! Many people enjoyed fantastic profits… but then the market plateaued. Investors had the choice of sticking with … Read more »

How to find suburbs with boom potential

For investors, finding that golden opportunity to invest in a suburb before it booms is the holy grail.

So, how can you predict if a suburb will have boom potential?

In order for a suburb to boom it must have:

Potential for better-than-average capital growth over the next five years
Be undervalued
Have a median house/unit price that is affordable for most first-home buyers

What determines Capital Growth?

The potential for capital growth is based on a … Read more »

Spotlight on Brisbane’s property market

For the coming year, property investors are likely to shift their attention northward, from Sydney to more affordable Queensland. Brisbane is prospering and is set to grow more than any other mature city in the world. Forecasts suggest GDP will almost double to $217 billion by 2017.

There has been a significant undersupply of property in Brisbane for over three years. Coupled with increased migration to the area, demand is growing. … Read more »